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A mobile, on-site, contract recruiter/advisor with an in-depth background in Oil & Gas, Aerospace, Telecom, Computer, and Manufacturing Industries.  Over 20 years performing full life-cycle recruiting as well as assisting in the reorganization of  the staffing function within fast-track, startup-to-mid-sized organizations, as well as a few Fortune 100 businesses.  On-site experienced is in Colorado, Texas and California area assignments.


A proficient talent scout with a history of creating positive customer and peer relationships.  Seasoned in headquarters as well as regional organizational support.  Flexible to frequent travel and frequent requirement changes.  A solid process and  productivity reporting skill as well as excellent computer ATS, OS & application knowledge.   Adaptable to fast ramp-up of departments and start-up operations.  An adaptable team member (low maintenance) and a capable autonomous operative.  Strong search skills, organizational experiences, variety of  media uses, and market compensation knowledge.  Seasoned recruiting of the following functions: Engineering, Exploration, Facilities, Finance, Marketing, Sales, Product Management, IT, Hardware-Software R&D, Tech Support & Field Services, Production, Logistics, Operations, Health & Safety, HR, Legal, Security, Contracts, M&A, Education, Management, and general administration


Human Resources Network, Inc., Recruiting Consultant / Contractor   (1992 to present)

  • Venoco Inc. (Ventura Oil & Gas), (28 mo),  contracted on-site recruiter in Santa Barbara, CA supporting the clients need to employ engineering and management talent in growth period of its regional office.  Responsibilities include talent searches, the setup of an applicant tracking system, developing an interviewing & evaluation process and managing it.  Integrating the staff into the evaluation process.  Performed as a company public Rep for their land-based, well-site referendum as well as being a frequent volunteer for their community action programs.

  • Northrup-Grumman, (2 mo), contracted recruiter to supplement company recruiters for a couple months in their “crash program” to employ combat veterans for command trainer roles at various military bases.

  • Covidian (Tyco Health Systems), (6 mo), contracted recruiter for their Legal, as well as their HW/SW Manufacturing and Quality organizations.  Assisted in evaluation process development.

  • EnCana Oil & Gas, (19 mo), contracted recruiter for CFO (all Finance roles), Engineering, IT, Operations, and Land teams. Assisted in setup of applicant tracking system as well as staffing process development.  Evaluated new hires for the recruiting team.

  • McKesson Corp. (12 mo), contracted recruiter to support software / systems consultants (sales & implementation).  Concentration in health care applications (sales support and IT implementations).  Primarily serve the consulting groups which were RNs, MDs, Pharmacists, and Industrial Engineers (process SW development), all having Informatics backgrounds and applications skills.  Also supported IT recruiting assignments as needed.

  • Raytheon / ASA / (National Science Foundation) (13 mo), Antarctica on-site support, contracted to serve as project scheduler on science programs (non recruiting assignment on the ice).  Supervised three administrators.   Supported Deployment Services in Denver for the last 6 months of 2003.

  • Qwest Communications (44 mo), Telecom, contracted as part of start-up recruiting team.  Assigned to several department managers and functions over the course of the contract (including the CFO (Finance), Commo R&D, sales, field support). Also assigned as National Sales staffing project manager with 4 dotted-line contracted recruiters assigned to support searches.

  • ICG Communications (19 mo), Telecom, contracted as part of start-up team recruiting team with assignments to regional organizations.  Supported Quality, Engineering, National Sales and the NoCal regional office.

  • MCI SystemHouse (6 mo), Telecom, IT Recruiter, contracted as team leader of 3 person recruiting team to support regional systems teams.

  • Micro Motion / Emerson (6 mo), refinery valve manufacturing, contracted to recruit HW & Quality Engineers and Technicians for manufacturing facility.

  • Solbourne Consulting (9 mo), IT, Oracle Partnership, contracted to recruit for Oracle programmers / IT consultants, internal finance & administration in this reinvented start-up company.  Also contracted to set-up and manage outplacement center and coach laid-off employees on marketing themselves.

  • Green Mountain Geophysical (3 mo), Geo-survey Software, contracted to recruit for Geo-survey software developers and a marketing manager.

  • Fujitsu-Intellistor (2 mo), Data storage R&D, contracted to assist with employee relations issues and corporate employee survey and assessment.

  • AudioLogic (9 mo), DSP HW/SW driven R&D prototypes, contracted to staff  development engineers for chip design and hardware backgrounds. Also created an employment, benefits and compensation processes for them.

  • DeGroot & Associates (3 mo), CA assignment on HR related jobs.  Contracted to perform a compensation survey and to make recommendations from my analysis on a pay plan (2) and an employee survey and assessment.

  • Minton & Associates (retained search firm) (6 mo) supported ARCO in their search for a synfuels refinery GM.  I filled the role and supported MK Engineering on the search for an O&G operations manager. 

  • Previously worked in direct roles within various corporate HR and Recruiting / Staffing leadership roles in Houston and LA areas: Unisys (Univac computer systems), Fleet Aerospace (Mil-spec missile switching power supply manufacturer) , Storage Technology (tape & disk drive manufacturer), NBI (computer manufacturer) , Information Storage (disk drive manufacturer), and Standard Structures (building systems manufacturer).  My entry recruiter role was for First City National Bank in Houston, TX (recruited Financial operations & IT team talent).  


    University of Houston, Houston, TX.
    BS Ed degree plus post-grad studies in Labor Relations, Compensation, Education Administration.      

    US Army schools, Columbus, GA  (a masters rated equivalency for 16  months, full-time, academic programs) . A military veteran (active duty and Reserve assignments) 

    AIRS, SHRM, and Corporate Seminars in Behavioral Interviewing, Labor Relations, Safety, Salesmanship, Performance Evaluation, Intro to Data Systems, ROI, Selection Process, and  internet recruiting.


    Colorado Talent Recruiters Network (CTRN) –  advisory / project role
    Rocky Mountain Association of Recruiters (RMAR) – current member
    Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) – current member
    HR Independent Consultants (HRIC) of California