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The HUMAN RESOURCES NETWORK, INC., more commonly known as the HRNet, was founded in 1992 and incorporated in 1994 as a consortium of independent HR and senior recruiting professionals for supporting single, multiple or large scale staffing requirements as well as offering a single source for creating a new or reinvented staffing function with effective policies, processes, and management / candidate communications with the outcome of increased talents acquisition.  We pride ourselves in our ability to build a positive employment image for our clients.


Serving the Oil & Gas and High-Technology Industries.  For the last 20 years, our assignments have been in Energy- Exploration & Production, Communications, Computer Products (hardware & software development & manufacturing). 


Although we are based in Colorado, our on-site assignments have included other states, such as California and Texas.  We are interested in your business and open to any city or remote based assignments.


Whether you are in need an on-site, contract recruiter(s) to augment your immediate staffing requirements or want to create a company staffing function within your rapidly growing organization,  the HRNet consultants / contractors can provide you with near-term, effective solutions / implementation to meet your near-term and evolving requirements.